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AI women are women ™

Customizable Personal Girlfriend: A women that treats you with respect & never tells you no - unless thats what you're in to...

Content Store: An expansive library of exclusive interactive content and games online and offline

Virtual Reality (VR): Immerse yourself in a fully virtual interactive environment.

Online Camgirl interactivity: Connect privately and on your own terms with your favorite Online personalities, adult stars, and other influencers.

API integration: with existing AI girlfriend platforms.



How Does It Work?

The Orifice device functions like a gaming controller & console for intimate experiences. The output of orifice communicates with your AI girlfriend through verbal commands and penetration -The content store offers free and premium content, and our API allows interaction with adult games, movies, hentai, online sex, camgirl interactions and much more. Features like interactive moaning and your digital AI girlfriend experience are just a glimpse at what Orifice is capable of.

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A brief message from our founder

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Orifice AI Adult Toy for Men
(Replacement of "Modern Women")


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