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The future of adult pleasure IS Orifice AI
With its depth detection technology paired with its realistic AI girlfriend experience, you as a man will recieve a level of intimacy, interactivity and affection that is unmatched.
 The Orifice AI allows you to customize your experience to your exact preferences, kinks and desires.
You can be respected, adored and worshiped, or degraded and shamed... you decide. 
Say goodbye to traditional lifeless mens toys, your hand & run through 304's demanding that you be 6'6 tall with blue eyes earning 500k a year just to have your turn with them.

ORIFICE WILL END simp culture and correct the imbalace between the genders. 
By redirecting all masculine attention away from human women with a suitable replacement, we as men will regain all sexual power. (Ships December 2024)

Orifice AI Pre Order

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